Available in the four voltages above for direct battery charging. The 48 and 120V units allow the use of smaller gauge wire between the generator and the battery. An MPPT charge control, like the OutBack FM-60, can be used to efficiently step the voltage down for charging and regulating 12-, 24- or 48V batteries.
The sealed permanent magnet alternator is mounted on an anodized aluminum turgo housing with the 4'' stainless steel Hartvigsen Turgo Runner. The external rectifier is water-cooled and all fasteners are stainless steel. It comes with an induction meter and 3 feet of 1'' flexible hose per nozzle.

Order multiple nozzles for convenient adjustment to varying flows. Nozzle holders are removable from the outside, for easy nozzle access.

The unit is pictured here with ¾'' brass nozzle holders. 1 ½'' plastic nozzle holders are also available and are installed on units requiring higher flow.

The alternator has two sealed 6203 bearings which should be changed every 4-10 years, depending on use. These are standard bearings, available at most auto parts stores. Replacement requires a 3-prong puller. The turbine can be sent back to us for bearing replacement.

Base dimensions: 12'' x 12''. Skirt fits in 10.25''

Each unit is built to match site specifications. When ordering, specify battery voltage, transmission line length and size, flow, pressure, pipe size and length.

The LV1500 is designed for dynamic pressures of 30psi (70' of head) and above, the LV750 for less than 30psi dynamic pressure.

Maximum power output is 1500W for the LV1500 model and 750W for the LV750 (Volts x Amps = Watts). The motor may get hot below this output at some sites.
The maximum output is limited to the heat of the motor. If the motor is too hot to keep your hand on, you should reduce the flow.
We recommend using an MPP tracker, if more than 1000W continuous is required from the LV1500, or 500W from the LV750 model. Different trackers are used, depending on the site.

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Low-Voltage Hydroelectric Generators

HI-Power's latest and most efficient line of
low-voltage brushless PM generators

This user-friendly unit requires no adjustments and is more efficient than car alternator types over a wider range of head and flow.
        Head range: 60 to 600 feet
        Flow range: 5 to 100gpm
        Maximum power: 1500W
        Efficiency: 30% to 70%
        Battery voltage options: 12-, 24-, 48-, 120VDC
        Head range: 10 to 100 feet
        Flow range: 5 to 140gpm
        Maximum power: 750W
        Efficiency: 30% to 70%
        Battery voltage options: 12-, 24-, 48VDC
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