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These hydros are currently residing (resting) on our property. They have been collected over the past 20 years, usually when they were replaced with one of our newer models. Many others have come and gone over the years, but these very early models are still hanging around.
Early "Energy Systems & Design" unit, ca. 1985
4'' plastic Turgo runner with 1/2hp induction motor
Early "Energy System & Design," unit ca. 1985
4'' plastic Turgo runner with 3/4hp induction motor, 240V
(it even still has its protective cover!)
Early Pelton Wheel, ca 1990
4'' Aluminum Pelton runner in a pressure cooker housing with small brush motor
6'' Pelton Wheel made by the "Pelton Wheel Company," ca. 1885
This was still running until a few years ago. The wheel is good, but the bushings are worn and need replacement. It also needs a new alternator.