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Diversion Load Information:

In most hydroelectric and wind-powered battery charging systems, the charging source cannot be disconnected from the batteries while running without the possibility of damaging them from over-voltage. The typical way to regulate battery charging voltage with this type of generating system is to use a"load diversion" type charge control. The Morningstar TS45 and TS60, the Xantrex C40 and C60, and the Outback FM, and inverters with AUX, can be configured for this mode of charge control. A diversion-type charge control also may be used in a PV system. If the array is much larger than necessary to charge the battery, excess power can be used to heat water by using a water heating diversion load. In operation, when battery voltage reaches the full charge setting in the charge control, it begins to divert power to the diversion load. The control uses pulse width modulation to turn the load on just enough to keep the battery voltage from rising further. The C40 can divert 30A, the C60 can divert 40A. Aux relays are used to drive external relays or solid state switches, available on our Products page.
Air Heating Diversion Loads

These resistive loads enclosed in vented aluminum boxes can be used in 12-, 24 and 48-volt diversion regulation systems. The aluminum box may get very hot in operation. It should be mounted on a nonflammable surface and should be at least 12" from any flammable material.
Choose a heater from the table below to match the output of your system. If you order a hydro from us, we will provide you with the correct heater.

WARNING: These heaters should be checked anually for bad or burnt connections resulting in excessive heat from loose wires or incorrectly set systems. If not correctly set, generator power could be diverted into the heater. Look for burnt, discoloured wires or broken resistors.

Oil-filled air heaters, using water heating elements (see below), are larger but safer, as they don't get as hot as the resistors.
Water Heating Element for 12V/24V DC or 24V/48V DC

Low Voltage Water Heating Element
Diversion Load

These low-voltage water-heating elements are for use as diversion loads for wind or hydroelectric systems. Use one or more of these heating elements with a charge control designed for load diversion, such as the Xantrex C40 or C60, Morningstar TS-45 or TS-60, or the Outback FM, or inverters with AUX, to turn your excess power into hot water. They fit most standard electric water heaters with screw-in elements. We have one model for 12- and 24 volt systems and another for higher power 24- volt systems and 48 volt systems. Each unit has two elements that can be wired in series or parallel or used individually, depending on voltage and desired amp draw. The terminals are not very strong and are easily broken when tightening.
If your water heater tank is designed for square flange elements, use one square flange adapter for each element. 1-inch male pipe threads. 2-year warranty.
Dimensions: L 9.25" x W 1.75" x H 1.75"